Wedding Cake Topper Ideas: Custom Couple Bobbleheads
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By Crebobble | 19 October 2021 | 1 Comments

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas: Custom Couple Bobbleheads

The wedding bells were ringing,

And the day was Monday;

And all the little ladies

Were there so fresh and gay

And up up up the steps they went,

The wedding fine to see;

And the Roses were all for the bride,

So pretty so pretty was she.

Wedding day is the most beautiful day in a couple's life as they are setting on a new journey with each other. Regardless of nation, culture, values, and regional boundaries, the importance of wedding cake toppers is second to none.

A symbol of blessing, prosperity, and good luck for the wedding couple, the cake toppers come in different shapes and sizes. From writing the bride and groom's name with cake icing to unique customized cake toppers, things have changed but not the importance of cake toppers.

Wedding cake toppers as custom wedding couple bobbleheads are a new trend that many couples follow. The custom couple cake toppers are popular for wedding cakes and for anniversary cakes and other celebrations.

We have some unique ways of creating bobbleheads for the cool couples who want their wedding or anniversary cakes to feature mini version of them. We hope our ideas will help you make your day more sparkling and cherish with cake toppers that can stay forever with you.

Classical Wedding Cake Toppers From Photo

Couples who want a simple classic wedding cake topper of their mini self can go for this classical wedding cake topper. You can get this cake topper made by sharing your photos and wedding attire pictures.

The experts will craft a beautiful and flawless vintage custom couple cake topper for you to accompany you to your wedding. You can customize the couple bobblehead to increase or decrease the size, add a pet, or any other details.

Bitmoji Custom Wedding Bobblehead Cake Topper

We all love bitmojis, right!

You probably capture new photos every day for updating your bitmoji to the latest. Why not also get your wedding cake topper as your custom bitmoji with your spouse?

The customization options are unlimited, and you can change the color, size, attire, add-ons, etc., to make it look perfect according to your vision. Bitmoji custom wedding bobbleheads are the new trend, and you must not compromise on getting one for yourself.

Custom Couple Bobbleheads Cake Topper For Navy Couples

Your spouse is a navy officer; why not show off a bit at your wedding?

Either you or your spouse is a navy officer, you can get the navy couple custom bobbleheads on your wedding day. Your mini look-alikes wearing the white navy dress will look like a dreamy setting. The navy couple bobblehead will not just be a cake topper. Instead,  it is a lifetime collectible that you can put on your shelf to remember your big day forever.

Camping Lover Couple Custom Bobblehead

Either you and your spouse are desert camping fans or love to roam around in the dark forests; you can celebrate your love for camping. On your wedding day, you can get your customized bobblehead as a cake topper.

How to add your camping love to your wedding cake topper?

It's simple. Get yourself bobble in a camping suit and add some details to show off your favorite camping spot. You can also add your favorite dog or a pet to your camping lover's couple bobblehead.

Music Lover Couple Cake Topper

This one is for couples who share a love for music or playing musical instruments. How about if your spouse gets on his knees and plays guitar for you?

We have got some exciting couple bobblehead cake toppers for music lovers. You can choose the couple bobblehead with your husband playing the guitar. Add it to your wedding cake as a cake topper. You can also keep the beautiful collectible with you forever.

Royal Couple Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

You can also choose the royal couple's vintage wedding cake topper to get the royal feeling of London. The beautiful royal attire of your mini look-alike will add the vintage effect to the cake corner on your wedding day. This keepsake and couple bobblehead are not worth missing if you are planning your wedding in the city of London.

Travelling Lover Couple Custom Cake Topper

Planned a world tour with your spouse after you get married?

It is indeed a great idea. However, there is something more you can do to commemorate your promise to your beloved. How about having a mini airplane featuring you and your wife?

The traveling lover couple custom bobblehead is for the people who love to travel around. This beautiful masterpiece will not just add colors and fun to your wedding cake but will also stay on your collectibles table forever.

In a Nutshell,

Adding custom cake toppers to your wedding is more fun, colorful, and adventurous. 

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